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Branding, layouts and logos strategically designed and placed will increase appeal and recognition. Whether you are transferring a concept into reality or brainstorming presentation options, our staff at Image Monster are standing by at your assistance.

A logo is one of the most important elements a company or product can have. The Nike swoosh is an easily recognizable example, and the sight of an apple with a bite out of it instantly conjures the latest advancements in technology. Parents will find themselves powerless against their children under the influence of the golden M. The image of a Greek mermaid-siren with long flowing hair will stimulate a physiological desire for a warm latte.

Graphic design is instrumental when it comes to publications. Books covers, newspapers, and magazines are often sold based solely on their layout, which for these latter two is just as important as content. Well designed and eye-catching graphics will ensure publications fly off the shelves. We have all been guilty at some point in our life of buying a book because of its cover.

Print advertising such as posters, fliers, and billboards rely on graphics and their design to communicate the significance of an event or product to a passer-by in a matter of a few glancing seconds. Effective advertising will create an emotional connection between a two-dimensional sheet of paper and personal experience. In this field first impressions are everything.

Product packaging can have a greater impact on sales than a product itself. Besides the process of unwrapping new items from their flashy containers, triggering memories of birthdays and other festivities, the graphics on packaging are key. The uniquely skinny-yet-strong silver can of Red Bull with its archetypal symbols is a case in point. Would anyone be so willing to drink that bizarre tasting bubbly if it weren't for its clever packaging?